I was born in 1989 and my fondness for knives just 10 years later when the first one forged from a steel bucket 52100. Beyond the results of that first attempt, I can say that marked me and set a course .
I am third generation of metallurgists, born and live in a small rural town in the Province of Buenos Aires, San Emilio. This is where I received my primary and my parents' moral, spiritual and sense of family values.
I attended several years of Industrial Engineering in Junín and Olavarria, I got adequate technical basis for subsequent studies of metallurgy.
However, as regards forging knives, I prefer to think of a self.
My perfectionist spirit and my curiosity, with cutlery passion led me to contact me with outstanding professionals who guided me with complete indifference, showing me the right way to prepare my knives.
Currently, I do all kinds and according to the tastes of those who charge me using general steel K100, K110, K720, etc.


Slowly I went equipping, making my own tools and building heated oven for also having other acquired, including another furnace to complete the heat treatments.
A few years ago I met the legendary Damascus steel and was captivated by it. Perhaps the mystery of his distant origin or ostracism which stood for a thousand years, coupled with its legendary fame, I proved irresistible. This steel at a prestigious writer described as ". . . A narrow blade without the glitter of swords of the Franks; rather, it was a matte blue marked by ten million meandering lines ... "captivated me and from then on I vowed playback, using modern methods, leaves Damascus Steel submit the detention conditions edge and tenacity that made them legendary and constitute my current specialty. The encabo in various materials including exotic but always under the premise functionality woods.
I intend that my knives are used and give them the result you expected, is my best reward.
To facilitate this I am always willing to advise my clients on how best maintenance and sharpening.